Gas Power Plant CHP 19 MW with Wartsila 2 x 20V34 SG Natural Gas Generators - Never Installed

This a complete power plant equipment and structures with 2 units of Wartsila 20V34SG spark ignited natural gas engine driven generators. The main equipment was delivered by Wartsila in year 2009 and the equipment was installed but NEVER INSTALLED. The plant has heat recovery system & boilers for hot water production. The equipment is in excellent, new like conditions..

SKU: 3442015

Wartsila Finland
Manufacturer's type
2 x W20V34 SG + HRCB
Made in year
17.5 MWe
Natural Gas operated electric CHP power plant
Generator power output
2 x 8730 kW at 10.5 kV, 50 Hz
Designed hot water production
2 x 6450 kW (from 70 to 90C)
Heat rate at alternator terminals
8160 kJ/kWhe (44.5 %)
Plant own power consumption
389 kW
2 x W20V34SG, running at 750 rpm
2 x AKV 12163 kVA, 11 kV, 50 Hz, p.f. 0.8
Current status
Never Installed, in original packages
  • Wartsila 2 x 20V34SG Equipment
  • Wartsila 2 x 20V34SG Equipment
  • Wartsila 2 x 20V34SG Equipment
  • Wartsila 2 x 20V34SG Equipment
  • Wartsila 2 x 20V34SG Equipment

Wartsila 17.5 MW Natural Gas power Plant with 2 x 20V34 SG generators

This complete power plant equipment including building structures were delivered by Wartsila in year 2009 and it is still in original shipment crates. This power plant has two Wartsila 20V34 SG natural gas engine driven generators with total gross electrical output 19.4 MWe at site condition (100 m elevation, temperature 20 C). The plant has a heat recovery system for hot water production and it has radiator cooling system for 100% of heat load. Power plant has advanced Wartsila control and supervision system with centralized Wartsila Operator's Interface System (WOIS). 

Generators will be installed on common base frame with the engines and common base frame is isolated from the foundation by flexible mounting with steel springs. Most of the auxiliaries are in the factory built in large new type modules which enable easy relocation of the equipment. 

The engines are of the four stroke, lean burn, pre chamber, spark ignited, port injected, trunk piston, turbocharged and intercooled design. The engine automation is a complete embedded management system, integrated with an engine control system for electricity controlled fuel injection. The control system is distributed bus based system where monitoring and control function is placed close to measuring and control point. This leads to less wiring and improved performance. The engines are designed for continuous operation in gas mode in island mode at any load between 40 -100% of nominal power