2019 - Diesel Generator Yanmar 2 x 1.25 MW / 50 Hz - Never Installed

New condition medium speed diesel generators with complete auxilliaries to operate with light and medium density diesel fuel. Diesel engines are made by YANMAR and their combustion process is high efficiency Miller-process. All equipment is packed for immediate delivery. Possibility to purchase oversize containers - 2 pcs/unit - units are designed to be installed in these container.

SKU: 9832024

Manufacturer's type
2 x 6EY22ALW
Made in year
2 x 1250 kWe
Electric power generation
Engine speed
1000 rpm
Number of cylinders
6 - Inline
Alternators made by
Nishishiba Eletric Co
Rated output
2 x1250 kWe / 2174A / AC415V / 50 Hz
Continious output
2 x 1000 kWe, power factor 0.8
Fuel consumption
199 g/kWhe +/- 5% tolerance
Lubrication oil consumption
Max. 1.1 g/kWhe
Genset main dimensions
5.65 x 1.97 x 2.90 (LxWxH)
Genset weight
25700 kg

Diesel Generator 2 x Yanmar 1.25 MW / 50 Hz – 2019 in new condition

Two identical medium speed diesel generators made by Japanize Yanmar with complete auxiliaries for Diesel and MDF operation. Equipment was manufactured in year 2019 and it is still in original factory packages, and they have one year factory guarantee. Gensets are rated in continuous operation at 1000 kWe and 1250 kWe in Prime Power operation (one hour in 12 hour period). Engines are 6-cylinder inline, turbo charged 1000 rpm diesel engines, alternators are self-ventilated 400 V brushless type synchronous generators. Engine and alternator are built on common base frame and they have rigid connection.  

Delivery includes in addition to generating sets control panels, auxiliary motor control panels, fuel oil feeding systems for diesel and MDF, lubrication oil system, radiator cooling system for engines, start air system, exhaust gas system and commissioning spare parts. Gensets with auxiliaries are designed to be installed in two oversized containers / generating set. These containers are not currently a part of our delivery scope, but they can be delivered at separate order.