2015 Gas Power Plant 6 MWe / 50 Hz Containerized CAT 5 x 1.2 MW

New like condition, containerized CAT 5 x 1.2 MWe / 50 Hz complete power plant commissioned in 2017 and having only few operating hours!

SKU: 8202020

Manufacturer's type
5 x CAT CG170-12
Made in year
5 x 1.2 MWe / 50 Hz
Power production
Commissioned in year
Total operating hours approx
20 only
Engine speed
1500 rpm

Natural gas fired power plant with five CAT 1.2 MWe / 50 Hz generating sets installed in containers. Plant was commissioned in year 2017 and it has been operated only about 20 hours and therefore it is in new like condition.  Engines are 4-stroke lean-burn, turbo charged gas engines, where 12 cylinders are in V-format, bore is 170mm and stroke is 195mm. All five of the gensets are controlled from a separate single control container.

List of main equipment

Genset                                     5          SET     CAT CG170-12 / 1500 rpm, 50 Hz 400 v

Natural gas system                  5          SET     DUNGS, 4 BAR-80 Mbar

Exhaust system                       5          SET     KARASU           

Engine cooling system            5          SET     FRITERM           

Circulation pumps                   5          SET     GRUNDFOS, WILO 

Lubrication oil system             5          SET     CAT, MURPHY, KLINGER          

Ventilation system                  5          SET                

PLC Automation system        5          SET     SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 

Step-Up transformer              5          SET     ETS 1600 KVA

Auxiliary transformer             1          SET     ETS 400 KVA